PIBT has been setup as the Country’s first terminal for handling Coal, Clinker and Cement on build, operate and transfer (BOT) basis at Port Qasim Authority.

Port Qasim is located Fifty Kilometres from Karachi, on the coast line of the Arabian Sea. It has a forty five kilometer long navigation channel which provides safe and convenient navigation for vessels. Port Qasim handles more than 40% of Pakistan’s cargo.

PIBT has built capacity for handling upto 12m tons of Coal and 4 million tons of Cement & Clinker per year, which can together be further enhanced upto 20 million tons per year.

PIBT has been set up for handling and delivering coal to Power and Cement plants by utilizing the rail, road and sea networks. PIBT has become an integral part of the coal supply chain upto the entry gates of power and cement plants located across the country.

To transform the handling of dirty bulk cargo, augment country’s port infrastructure and bring efficiencies to the logistics supply chains across industries of Pakistan.

To operate state of the art dirty bulk cargo handling terminal at Port Qasim by imparting premium services to our partners and making positive contributions to community and environment while safeguarding the interests of our shareholders.

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Pakistan International Bulk Terminal Limited

PIBT is transforming the conventional port handling of Bulk cargo in Pakistan by investing in the state-of-the-art fully mechanized dirty bulk cargo terminal at Port Qasim. PIBT aims to apply innovations & technologies in the bulk cargo handling by implementing the best environmental standards for coal handling in compliance with the World Bank Group EHS guidelines. Our objective is to operate at International levels of efficiency and establish industry standards for most efficient cargo handling. PIBT intends to be the market leader for bulk cargo handling facility in Pakistan. The terminal has become an integral part of the extensive coal supply chain across the country. The terminal helps boost related businesses around the seaport including coal based power plants and cement factories, besides generating employment around number of professionals and unskilled workers. By modernizing the country’s port infrastructure, the terminal helps reduce the cost of importing commodities, to ensure faster and more cost - effective transport of cargo. PIBT has been set up as the country’s first Coal, Clinker and Cement Terminal at total cost of US $305 million at Port Qasim.


  • Permissible Draft: -13 m
  • Quay wall Length: 460 meters plus mooring dolphins
  • Two Vessel Berthing simultaneously
  • 2x Ship Unloading Cranes (Coal): 1850 tons/hour (rated capacity each)
  • 1x Ship Loading Crane (Cement/Clinker): 1200 tons/hour
  • Belt Conveyor: 3600 tons/hour

    Storage Yard

    Storage yard spread over 250,000 sq.m

    Truck Loading Station

    Dedicated mechanized truck loading station with a drop of 100 tons/min with two trucks simultaneously loading

    Gate Operations

    Lanes: 4 in lanes and 4 out lanes with 9 weigh bridges

    Terminal Storage Facilities

    Coal: upto 1 million tons of Coal Storage at any given time.

    Cement: 5 cement silos of 10,000 tons each. 50000 tons at any given time

    Clinker: upto 200,000 tons of Clinker storage capacity at any given time.


    Environment Friendly

    PIBT will also be the first handling facility to comply with the World Bank’s standards of environment pollution control and ensure a pollution free environment at Port Qasim. Water sprinkling system shall be installed from jetty head to storage yard to minimize dust emission. Pollution control will also be achieved by installing wind fence around the coal stacking area.


    Corporate & Social Responsibility

    PIBT successfully planted mangroves on 520 hectares of land as against target area of 500 hectares during the year 2012-14. During the period survival of plant was observed to be around 76%.
    PIBT has planted two main species of mangroves, Avicennia marina and Rhizophora mucronata at a density of approximately 1,100 plants per hectare over an area of 520 hectares in the following locations: PIBT base camp, Hafeez Island, Kangwari, Ratto Kot, Khiprianwala, and Chann creeks in PQA jurisdiction. Furthermore, PIBT also carried out replanting and assisted natural regeneration of mangroves in the areas where required.
    After five years the plantations will act as physical barrier against all natural and manmade disasters and provide breeding grounds for marine and terrestrial life.
    Moreover PIBT has started plantation of mangroves along its trestle bridge over an area of 36,000sq.m which will support dust emission control plan and help sustain the ecosystem.

    Mangroves Nursery at PIBT Site

    Cost and Sponsors

    Total Project development cost in the first phase is US $305 million. Pakistan International Bulk Terminal is financed by the International Finance Corporation (“IFC”) & the OPEC Fund for International Development, along with a syndicate of local Pakistani commercial & conventional banks.

    PIBT is sponsored by the Marine Group of Companies.

    PIBT is the second port infrastructure project to be listed at Karachi Stock Exchange. The first port infrastructure project to be listed at the Karachi Stock Exchange was Pakistan International Container Terminal ltd, PICT, which was also a flag ship project of the Marine Group.

    QHSE Policy

    ISO Certification

    We at Pakistan International Bulk terminal Limited are committed to provide our customers quality Services with consideration of environment friendly practices and prevention of work related injury and ill health by following international and national standards. We are ISO certified by acquiring 9001:2015 Quality Management System, 14001:2015 Environmental Management system and 45001:2018 Occupational health & safety endorsed by UKAS accredited body.
    All the activities in PIBT portray towards its QHSE Policy and we are strive to fulfill our set responsibilities towards QHSE to achieve our corporate objectives by adopting best practices , safe procedures and providing engagement in "eco-friendly" causes.

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